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Komatsu-original hybrid system enables the electric swing motor to generate electricity during swing braking and the capacitor to store electricity. Then the electricity is used as assistant power to swing the upper structure or help the engine accelerate through the swing and generator motors, respectively. As a result, these hybrid models achieve an outstanding reduction of fuel consumption.

Furthermore, Komatsu manufactures all hybrid components in-house, ensuring excellent reliability and durability. After having led the world by introducing iMC bulldozers featuring automatic blade control, Komatsu has widened their range from large to small sizes.

By automating all processes, from rough dozing, which was not possible by conventional add-on Machine Control dozers, to finish grading, Komatsu iMC dozers achieve an outstanding improvement of work efficiency.

The new developed automatic blade control controls blade load and avoids track slip which occur frequently during rough dozing, thereby achieving high-efficiency, automatic construction.

As a result of greatly reduced track slip, our Machine Control dozer prolongs the life of track shoes, while minimizing damage on the design surface, thereby cutting down the maintenance costs.

komatsu products

As our Machine Control dozer automatically and seamlessly shifts to the finish grading mode, it is capable of dozing according to the design drawings of all stages, regardless of operatorsf experience or skills.

When the bucket teeth reach the target surface, their boom, arm and bucket automatically stop movements or the teeth move along the target surface, thanks to their assistance function. Therefore, the operator can continue excavating without worrying about overcutting.

As both iMC models can eliminate a considerable amount of work, such as staking and surveying, which are required for conventional construction, they can help customers not only improve their production efficiency but also enhance safety at jobsites by reducing the number of surveyors who work near the machines on conventional jobsites.

Komatsu's design expertise in water-resistant and dust-proof qualities of construction equipment has made possible full-scale outdoor use of electric forklifts, dynamically expanding their domain of operation.

While maintaining high-level environmental performance, operating comfort and low running cost, the advantages of electric forklifts, substantiated by Komatsu technologies, FE series forklifts offer long hours of operation, thanks to Komatsu-original rapid charging system. By adopting an easily maintained battery, Komatsu has totally eliminated the tiresome needs for adding water and opening the battery hood.

As a result, customers can replace internal combustion forklifts for the first time by easily and comfortably using FE series models. These models feature enhanced water-resistant and dust-proof qualities, capable for use in diverse jobsite environs, such as outdoor areas and places with lots of dust. Furthermore, because of having KOMTRAX as a standard feature to monitor their operating conditions and send reports on a daily basis, these models enable the "visualization" of jobsite operations, including fuel consumption, supporting customers' remote management of their fleets and improvement of jobsite operations.

Hybrid hydraulic excavator achieving both environmental performance and low fuel consumption. Print this page.Single-source supply of crushing and conveying equipment from Komatsu provides an integrated system for maximum availability and productivity.

A material handling system, simple or complex, will perform only as well as its component parts, the engineering that went into its design, and its installation. At Komatsu, we strive to make sure that all of our products work together at the highest levels. Komatsu can custom design and build a crushing and conveying system for your specific material handling requirements. Toggle navigation.

Surface crushing and conveying equipment. Feeder-breakers Reclaim feeders Mobile crushing Sizers Surface conveyor systems Joy SFB Ideal for coal applications or other medium soft-bedded materials Throughput up to 2, tonnes 2, tons per hour.

Joy SFB Ideal for industrial mineral and hard rock applications Throughput up to 4, tonnes 4, tons per hour. Joy SFB Ideal for coal and industrial mineral applications Throughput up to 3, tonnes 3, tons per hour.

Joy SFB Ideal for coal and industrial mineral applications Throughput up to 2, tonnes 2, tons per hour. Joy SFB Ideal for hard rock and overburden applications Throughput over 5, tonnes 5, tons per hour.

Joy MVT-II Ideal for coal and soft industrial mineral applications Can be used for secondary and tertiary mineral sizing Throughput up to 1, tonnes per hour. Conveyor Terminals Controllers provided by Komatsu Custom-designed for your specific application Start times in excess of seconds and optimal load sharing between head and multiple tripper drives.

Joy Belt Turnovers Designed to minimize material buildup Allows clean side of belt to contact return rolls. Joy Transfer Systems Designed to help eliminate spillage problems at the point of transfer. Joy Takeups All-electric, hydraulic, and gravity are available Provides a smooth conveyor start, regardless of loading conditions. Joy Drives Designed for your specific application Designed for optimum availability and reliability. Joy Tail Sections Varying heights available for your specific applications Variety of pulley arrangements available.

Joy Discharges Designed for your specific application Various discharge heights available. Joy Intermediate Loading Sections Various heights available Designed to withstand conveyor loading conditions.

Joy Traveling Trippers Can be designed for single-sided or double-sided pants leg discharge patterns. Joy Related Structure Equipment Available in a wide range of sizes to suit your application.

Joy Idler Options Light to super-duty designs available. Joy Idler Options Light to super-duty designs available Ball bearing and tapered bearing options available. Joy Other Components Impact bed assembly extends belt life and reduces downtime Slide seal assembly provides continuous support of the belt against the skirting material.

komatsu products

Joy Specialty Idlers Grain idlers offer protection for even the lightest belts Spiral idlers are ideal for sticky materials Tufkon idlers are ideal for abrasive, corrosive materials Wobbler idlers are ideal for belt training. Joy Pulleys Stress-balanced design philosophy Keyless locking elements.Komatsu Ltd. Its headquarters are in MinatoTokyoJapan.

The corporation was named after the city of KomatsuIshikawa Prefecturewhere the company was founded in Worldwide, the Komatsu Group consists of Komatsu Ltd. Komatsu is the world's second largest manufacturer of construction equipment and mining equipment after Caterpillar.

However, in some areas Japan, ChinaKomatsu has a larger share than Caterpillar. It has manufacturing operations in Japan, Asia, Americas and Europe. Komatsu Iron Works was started by Takeuchi Mining Industry as a subsidiary to make industrial tools for the parent company. Komatsu eventually became large enough to sell to the public, and was spun off on May 13, as Komatsu Ltd.

Komatsu produced its first agricultural tractor prototype in Through the s, Komatsu also produced tractors for the Japanese military, as well as bulldozerstanks and howitzers. After World War IIunder its new president Yoshinari Kawai, Komatsu added non-military bulldozers and forklifts to its line of equipment.

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In it began production of its first diesel engine. By the company had advanced technologically to the point that all its models were using Komatsu engines. InRioichi Kawai, son of Yoshinari Kawai, became president of Komatsu, [2] and it began exporting its products, looking to counteract the postwar image of Japanese products as being cheap and poorly made.

In Julyit entered the U. This was done under the company slogan of "Maru-C", translating into English as "encircle Caterpillar" from the game of Go board gamewhere encircling an opponent results in capture of his territory. Expansion overseas was a major focus in the s, with Komatsu America Corporation being established in February in the United States. A year later, in JanuaryKomatsu Singapore Pte. September saw the founding of Dina Komatsu Nacional S.

April was the founding Komatsu do Brasil Ltda. This company produced the Komatsu D50A bulldozer, marking Komatsu's first offshore production of construction equipment. Komatsu Australia Pty.

Komatsu and Dresser Industries established Komatsu Dresser to make mining tractors and related equipment in To prevent brand-name confusion during these corporate changes, the name " Haulpak " was used for the product line Komatsu began with Dresser. The name "Haulpak" dates back to when LeTourneau-Westinghouse introduced a range of rear dump trucks known as "Haulpaks". The name Haulpak was an industry term that eventually became applied to any type of rear dump truck. A detailed history of the development of the Haulpak can be found in Wabco Australia.

In Moxy was taken over by Doosan of Korea.At CTP, we not only offer you premium parts but also an exceptional service, outstanding savings and the support you need to get your order quickly and accurately. CTP would like to thank all the guests who visited us at Conexpo The show was a complete success and we are thankful for the recognition of CTP as a quality and trustworthy brand.

Job Summary IT Network Manager provides technical support and assistance to employees and businesses with technical, hardware, and software system problems. Most common technical support includes connection problems, inabilities to access data, slow performance, and inefficient programs.

Software Development must be done in iSeries System. The Controller will be required to provide financial support and foundation to the company. By creating, analyzing, and maintaining company ledgers, the Controller will be required to provide financial forecasting and planning information to upper management.

Through the establishment of budgets and review of company expenses, the Controller is expected to be able…. Strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation as well as excellent functionality. Web Developer Job Duties: Regular exposure to executive management, as well…. Industrial Engineer Job Responsibilities: The role isresponsible for finding ways to eliminate wastefulness in production processes.

Finding Efficient systems that integrateworkers, machines, materials, information, and energy to make a product or provideservice. IndustrialEngineer Job Duties Review production schedules, engineering specifications, process flows, and other information to understand methods that are applied and activities in manufacturing….

All Rights Reserved. Password Forgot your password? Issues Logging in? Web Site. First Name. Last Name. Company Name. Additional Information. Company Career Opportunities. Industrial Engineer Industrial Engineer Job Responsibilities: The role isresponsible for finding ways to eliminate wastefulness in production processes. Location Map. Contact Us. Miami Headquarters: N. Beltline RD. Coppell, Texas Suite U. Connect with Us.Komatsu America Corp. Komatsu America also serves forklift and forestry markets.

Through its distributor network, Komatsu offers a state-of-the-art parts and service program to support its equipment. Komatsu has proudly been providing high-quality reliable products for nearly a century. The Komatsu Way is a statement of values that all workers in the Komatsu Group, including those at every level of management, should pass down in a lasting way at their workplaces and worksites.

komatsu products

By holding these values in common, the Group can build global teamwork that transcends nationalities and generations to amass and fortify the Komatsu Group's "workplace genba capabilities"— the dynamism of all workers and the entire organization, plus the ability to improve their own workplaces and worksites.

This in turn further enhances Quality and Reliability, heightening the trust given to the Group by society and all stakeholders. To disseminate the Komatsu Way to Komatsu Group companies across the world, focusing around the Komatsu Way Global Institute, Komatsu is conducting various dissemination and human resource development activities. We deepen the employees understanding and comprehension of the Komatsu Way by applying it to employee training and setting up opportunities for exposition and group debate.

Regular sessions are convened at workplaces for explaining this way of thinking and having employees relate stories of their own experiences so that communication between different generations is stimulated and allows this knowledge to be handed down and rooted in the younger generation.

To promote The Komatsu Way at Group companies outside Japan and help this foundation take root, Komatsu makes The Komatsu Way easy to understand and relevant to local conditions, while being mindful of the differences among customs and cultures. Furthermore, by utilizing ICT Information Communication TechnologyKomatsu employees all over the world can browse Komatsu Way related information though a global portal site. Every month, the "K-Way. This edition was revised to make the established values and way of thinking more comprehensible by increasing the number of case studies, together with introducing Komatsu's approach to Brand Management.

In other words, "making us indispensable to our customers" and make us their continued partner of choice. To strengthen the ability of employees worldwide to improve their performance, the Komatsu Group uses Total Quality Management TQMcultivated within the Group over the years, along with education and training to raise the level of professional capabilities, such as specific technological or specialist skills and managerial ability.

Joy 100: Celebrating a century of Joy Products and Innovations - Komatsu

Debriefing sessions are held at each employee rank, with participants reporting on the skills they have improved and receiving practical guidance. Such sessions help employees more fully acquire knowledge and skills from their education and training and help them utilize these newly acquired skills during operations. In this way, the Group continues to promote the enhancement of the individual abilities of the employee, as well as their ability to organize and integrate through teamwork.

This results in a corporate structure capable of responding rapidly to changes in the operational environment. Komatsu designs purpose built machines and specialty attachments for waste, material handling and other applications. Our goal was to become more than just a supplier of superior construction equipment. We made a commitment to become a trusted partner that could provide ongoing support to every customer.

We have built a network of manufacturing plants and parts. We manufacture many units in the United States to serve this market. KAC manufactures and markets a full line of integrated construction equipment from the smallest compact construction size to the largest mining size. Our product line includes intelligent Machine Control, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, crawler dozers, off-highway trucks, and motor graders. Our company was named after the city Komatsu, located in the Ishikawa Prefecture of the Hokuriku region in Japan.

The actual name "Komatsu" translates into English as "little pine tree" and, according to legend, dates back to the middle of the Heian period At that time, the monk-emperor Kazan planted a pine sapling during a tour of the Hokuriku region, and the area where it grew came to be called "sono no komatsubara" "small-pine field with gardens".

This name is said to have been shortened to "Komatsu".Take production planning to a whole new level. Big advantages.

Even in the smallest details. A productive collaboration with the help of MaxiVision. Komatsu Forest presents new features of its models. In conjunction with SkogsNolia, Komatsu Forest will launch an upgraded product range, with the majority of the machines new.

The machines are equ View your work with new eyes — Komatsu Forest launches new digital tool that helps visualise the work in the forest. MaxiVision is a completely new digital tool that helps the forest machine operator to visualise the state and conditions of the forest. In conjunction with the introduction of our year model machines, we took the opportunity to invite close to 1 customers to a VIP-event We are proud that more and more people are choosing Komatsu.

So proud that we like to refer to our customers as family. All developments, all We offer great opportunities for personal and professional development and can promise you an innovative and international work environment.

Welcome to Komatsu Forest

The choice of spare parts, equipment and consumables do matter. Our world-wide network of highly trained service professionals is ready for you. MaxiVision Take production planning to a whole new level. Our current offers Used Machines.

Komatsu machines Big advantages. A productive collaboration with the help of MaxiVision News. Komatsu Forest presents new features of its models Press release. View your work with new eyes — Komatsu Forest launches new digital tool that helps visualise the work in the forest Press release. To newsroom.

Komatsu Days In conjunction with the introduction of our year model machines, we took the opportunity to invite close to 1 customers to a VIP-event See what our customers say about us Our Customers We are proud that more and more people are choosing Komatsu.

Careers Why Komatsu Forest? Your profitability in focus ProSelect. With us, you are in good hands Service and maintenance.InJoseph Joy founded Joy Machine Company in Evansville, Indiana, where the first crawler-mounted loader was manufactured in Soon, many of these loaders were operating in the major coal regions of West Virginia, Illinois, and Saskatchewan, Canada.

As the company rapidly grew more successful, a larger facility was needed. Inthe company moved to Franklin, Pennsylvania where it is still manufacturing its extensive product line of underground mining equipment. Inthe company shipped its very first shuttle car — the Model 2ET-1D — cementing its position as a leader in underground mining equipment.

Inthe company produced its first continuous miner — Model 3JCM — the beginning of the now extensive product line of continuous miners and entry drivers. And inthe company produced its first longwall shearer. The two companies continued to operate independently.

InStamler, the most popular feeder breaker and battery hauler equipment in the mining industry, was acquired. InContinental Global Inc. At the same time, Goodman-Hewitt - a field-tested conveying equipment product portfolio that includes high quality idlers, pulleys, and other critical conveying equipment built to exacting CEMA requirements - was acquired and the product offerings were merged into the Joy conveying product line. Joy equipment is used in all areas of underground mining, including energy minerals such as coal, industrial minerals such as salt, and hard rock minerals such as copper and iron.

Joy equipment is known in the industry as the leading brand of underground mining equipment and is specifically lauded for high reliability and producing the lowest cost per ton.

komatsu products

The Joy brand continues to be the undisputed leader in underground mining equipment, used in virtually every major mine worldwide. Learn about our room and pillar equipment. Learn about our industrial mineral equipment. Learn about our underground crushing and conveying equipment. Toggle navigation. In the beginning InJoseph Joy founded Joy Machine Company in Evansville, Indiana, where the first crawler-mounted loader was manufactured in The innovation continues Joy equipment is used in all areas of underground mining, including energy minerals such as coal, industrial minerals such as salt, and hard rock minerals such as copper and iron.

You may also be interested in Learn about our room and pillar equipment Learn about our industrial mineral equipment Learn about our longwall systems equipment Learn about our hard rock equipment Learn about our underground crushing and conveying equipment Learn about our tunneling equipment.


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