Macrodroid vs tasker

MacroDroid is Like Tasker, but Easier to Learn

We love to automate things whenever and wherever possible. It not only takes away the pain of executing the task manually, but makes sure a task is carried out at a particular instance without fail.

We already have many apps available for Android to automate tasks on both system and internet level. The latter is a very powerful automation tool, if only one figures out the way to use it skillfully. I myself am not a big fan of Tasker because of the complexity involved in configuring it. There are many other alternatives available on the Play Store, like Llamabut none as powerful.

However recently a developer showcased an app on the XDA Forum called MacroDroid that brings automation as strong as Tasker but is free to download and easy to use. After you install the app and launch it, the app will check for any roots on the device. You will be able to execute system level actions, thus increasing the potential of the app. On the app home screen you can tap on Add Macro to create one from scratch, or tap on View Templates to use some of the defaults shipped with the app.

For now, let me show you how you can create a macro with the help of an example. This is the event that will be monitored to execute the action and there are many you can choose from.

I selected the option Swipe Screen and then chose Swipe area along with the action.

Macro­Droid for Android: A Free and Easy to Use Tasker Alternative

Next, I chose an action that should be performed when the trigger is executed. You can select multiple actions on a single trigger in the pro version of the app. Finally, select the constraints, if any, you would like to apply and save the macro. Many actions might require a Facebook or Twitter login.

You can configure all the accounts in the Settings menu. One of the very interesting features I like about the app is the integration of variables. Using this feature you can store the output of a macro to a local variable and then monitor it to execute another triggered command once the conditions are fulfilled.

MacroDroid can become the most powerful app on your device once you unleash its full potential. Do install the app and try creating your very first macro.Tasker is the king of automation when it comes to Android but it is incredibly hard to learn.

MacroDroid is an app that simplifies things while keeping the functionality on spot. To this day I have never gotten a single task to work properly with the thing.

I messed with it for a few hours for a couple of days and then eventually gave up on the project. Recently I tried to set something up on my LG G3 in hopes that I could get it like the LG G4 and its camera application shortcut long-pressing the Volume Down button to launch the camera and immediately take a photo. I tried setting something up like this and actually had the Tasker application take a photo itself. The quality of those photos were incredibly poor and it just made me abandon that project as well.

During my research for that project though, I came across a couple of applications that seemed like I could replicate that LG G4 functionality and one of these apps is called MacroDroid. MacroDroid is like tasker, but with a nicer user interface and is much, much easier to learn.

MacroDroid is free but it is somewhat limited in its functionality. Launching the settings page will show a huge list of various options that you can set.

You can read through the settings from these second two screenshots here but they are straight forward things that you can set. There are three sections here: Triggers, Actions and Constraints. Triggers are things that, you guessed it, trigger an action that is set to happen.

The action in this example would be to enable GPS. Constraints add an additional rule to the macro. For instance, I could set a constraint for this macro to only happen on Monday through Friday. So here we have a list of all the Triggers that you can choose from when creating your very own macros. Remember, Triggers are the first thing that the phone looks out for when figuring out what action needs to be taken. I highly suggest going through these screenshots and looking at all of the triggers that you can set.

For example, you could have it so that an action is taken like airplane mode activated when the Battery Level reaches a certain amount. Or you could have it so that an action is taken like WiFi being disabled when you disconnect from WiFi.

Maybe you want an application to launch when your device first boots up. Maybe you want the phone to take a photo when there is a failed login attempt on your device. There are so many possibilities and I will talk about a few that I have set up a little bit later. Really, go through all of these triggers to see just how powerful the application is. I was surprised at just how many thing were listed here since I was assuming it would be much weaker than Tasker.

I was definitely wrong.

Beginners Guide to Android Tasker - Part 1 of 3

As you can see, we have a lot more actions to choose from than the number of triggers we have available to us. This is because we can do so many more things with our phone than it can detect. For instance, you might want to set multiple actions to happen when something is triggered.See android market current data and history.

Compare popularity, performance, average rating, downloads and market lead percentage on the market. Last update on MacroDroid - Device Automation currently has 30, ratings with average rating value of 4.

macrodroid vs tasker

The current percentage of ratings achieved in last 30 days is 1. MacroDroid - Device Automation has the current market position by number of ratings. A sample of the market history data for MacroDroid - Device Automation can be found below. Android application Tasker developed by joaomgcd is listed under category Tools.

According to Google Play Tasker achieved more than 1, installs. Tasker currently has 46, ratings with average rating value of 4. The current percentage of ratings achieved in last 30 days is 0. Tasker has the current market position by number of ratings. A sample of the market history data for Tasker can be found below. Total number of ratings MacroDroid - Device Automation vs Tasker Total number of active users rated for the application.

MacroDroid - Device Automation.Wir haben vor kurzem die pro-iPhone Seite Wenn Automatisierung sollen Sie das Leben leichter machen, dann sollte es nicht schwierig sein, zu verwenden. Deshalb MacroDroid wird Ihr neuer bester Freund sein.

Oder Ihr Butler. Nur sieht den Unterschied zwischen MacroDroid links und Tasker rechts. Offensichtlich werden Sie beginnen mit In Makro. Es ist unwahrscheinlich, aber sicher ist sicher. Obwohl die App um nun schon seit einiger Zeit gewesen und hat in der Regel gute Kritiken, so sollte es sicher sein. Es ist alles ziemlich einfach, und wenn Sie einen Makro oder zwei einrichten, Sie wissen genau, was zu tun ist.

Im Vergleich zu Tasker ist MacroDroid viel einfacher. Aber das Beste ist noch zu kommen. Diese automatisierten Skripte werden in Vorlagen geteilt, sortiert nach Local, Top rated, und Neueste. Hier sind einige der besten Rezepte, um Ihnen mehr frugal leben. Sollten Sie es kaufen? Wenn Sie mehr wollen, kaufen die Pro-Version. Sie brauchen nicht ein techie, um dies herauszufinden.

What is Tasker?

Diese Einfachheit setzt MacroDroid auseinander und macht es die erste App jeden neu in Automatisierungs sollten versuchen. Haben Sie Tasker zu komplex gefunden? Sagen Sie uns was Sie in den Kommentaren denken! Der einfache, nicht-root Weg android zu automatisieren, ohne tasker.

Wie Verwenden von Makros in Excel mit Beispielen. Wie eine Excel-Tabelle automatisieren. Wie Erstellen von Makros. Wie erstelle ich ein Skript Microsoft Excel? Wie ein Makro verdrahten von einer Tabelle zur anderen ziehen. Wie deaktivieren GPS in privaten Orten mit tasker [android]. Wake up, um Ihr Lieblingslied oder Radio-Show, bekommen bessere Akkulaufzeit und mehr mit atooma [android]. Machen Sie Ihr Telefon automatisch einschalten, wenn Sie es brauchen.In an attempt to overcome those hurdles, I have decided to do a series of articles about the application.

These will start with very basic introductory articles that really just go over the application and teach you what the terms mean and how they fit into the overall application. If I can cover enough of the things that Tasker can do then at least you will be able piece together parts from one example and combine it with parts from another example. I also think it would be a good idea to take requests for certain things that can be done with Tasker.

If you thought MacroDroid had tons of combinations then you might be overwhelmed by Tasker. However, if you sit down and take it step by step which is what I hope to do then it should be easy to digest. Tasker is an automation application that is only available for Android. When I first jumped ship from iOS to Android, one of the key applications that stood out to me was Tasker. There have been other applications and services that have come in and tried to recreate what Tasker does, but do so in an easier way.

They all try to accomplish the same thing though, to set up automation so that your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch can be even smarter. The idea is simple, assign an event to an action and then that is all you have to do. You could create an automated action to increase or decrease your brightness at certain times of the day.

These just take mundane tasks and do them automatically for you but it can go even further than that. Again, that is a mundane task that you could get into the habit of doing but it gives you tangible results.

Results that you can see after using it for a couple of days. There are tons of different automated events that you could set up and it is an incredible way to tailor your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch to the way you do things.

You have so much control with Tasker than it can be daunting to figure it all out. That is going to be my goal here with these Tasker tips. I hope to be able to break the process down so that it is easy for you to learn and easy for you to set up an automated task for your very own.

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macrodroid vs tasker

Doug Lynch Hi! I began using Android back in with the Nexus 4 and instantly became entrenched in the custom ROM community. The Android OS can feel overwhelming at times so I hope that my tutorials will be able to help those who need a little assistance learning the software.

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Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 3 1 2 3. I've been using Llama for a while and really like it. I'd like to be convinced Descriptions of cool uses of Tasker that Llama is incapable of welcome. Join Date: Joined: Jul I use them both but prefer Tasker because of SMS actions. However, SMS integration is on Llama's to-do list. Junior Member. Thanks Meter : 3.

Join Date: Joined: May Tasker was hard as hell to get the hang of. I just got Llama, and I like it a lot Some thigns I like better -- enter vs leaving a location etc.

However, Tasker is MUCH more powerful and the gui - while difficult to use - is much more clear to see and operate. While Llama has its advantages, tasker can do alot more. This also means much more room to screw something up.Tasker is one of the most intuitive applications available that allows you automate your devices in ways you would not believe.

The only downside to using Tasker is that the entry level is high and it may be cumbersome to use for the non-technical user. Once you select an action, it will prompt you to choose a trigger for that action which could be location based, time based or when the app detects an activity on your hardware such as when you connect your charger e.

macrodroid vs tasker

You can also set an exit task when the conditions required to trigger that action is no more satisfied. Llama is completely free and uses your current location to trigger predefined actions such as running apps, setting screen brightness, killing apps and lots more on your smartphone or tablet.

It uses phone masts to determine your location so you can set off various actions depending on where you are as well as the time of the day.

Llama comes with some predefined actions mostly sound profiles that can be modified or added to. You will need to teach Llama how to identify your current location such as Home or Work by long pressing either option and selecting how long you will be there so it can know which phone masts are for which location.

Note: GPS is not used so this method will work best in a populated area where there are many phone masts. You can also try the experimental wifi-based location tracking or just use time based profiles to trigger your set events. The free version offers just five macros tasks and show ads.

For example, I set my phone to take a screenshot whenever I shake my device. Some actions are available only on rooted devices but most will work for non-rooted folks as well. You can also set a constraint if you want to allow or prevent your macro from running based on certain conditions. Finally, you need to give your Macro a name and category, then save. AutomateIt is another popular alternative to Tasker and is available in two variants: a free and pro version. It has a unusual but simple interface and operates using rules.

You can also select multiple actions but you need to be registered in their database to unlock that feature. You can also checkout the rules market to view some highly regarded rules created by the community which you can use on your device. This is a handy feature which will aid beginners in creating useful automated actions for their device. There are some sample flows already pre-configured which you can start using and you can also check-out top rated flows created by the community through this app which you can download and use right away.

Automate can perform several common tasks for regular users and even includes powerful tools for more advanced users such as executing shell commands, REST calls, NFC, and much more. The apps listed here work well and may even be better suited to your needs.


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