Power rangers samurai jayden gets poisoned

TV Schedule. Sign In. Power Rangers Samurai — Year: S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. As invasions from the Netherworld increase, the Red Ranger unites a new team of Samurai Rangers to meet the rising threat.

S1, Ep2. As the teens continue their transition into their new secret lives as Samurai Rangers, Emily reveals a surprising truth about herself. When a Nighlok attacks, the Rangers combine their Zords to create the Samurai Megazord in order to defeat the monster.

S1, Ep3. Mike figures out the hard way what it means to be a Samurai Ranger after a Nighlok attacks him and his friends.

S1, Ep4. The Rangers step in when a devious Nighlok tricks a young boy into giving up on his baseball dreams. S1, Ep5. Struggling to master a secret power disc, Jayden foregoes a trip with the others to an amusement park where the rest of the team encounters the evil Nighlok Dreadhead. S1, Ep6. When a Nighlok who uses insults as a physical weapon attacks the Rangers, only Emily is unaffected.

To help her teammates, she explains how difficult events in life become an opportunity to grow stronger. S1, Ep7. Kevin is assigned the crucial task of catching the elusive SwordfishZord in order to save the other Rangers who have been incapacitated by the stench of the Nighlok Yamiror's breath.

S1, Ep8. Dayu crosses into the mortal world to cause misery by kidnapping brides on their wedding day. S1, Ep9. A Nighlok uses mind control powers to force Kevin to fight against his fellow Rangers. S1, EpIt was morning at the temple and the Rangers were up bright and early after a well deserved rest. They were gathered in the main room and took a seat on the cushions that had been laid out for them on the floor.

They sat in a circle, with Daisuke joining them. He brought out a box and placed it in the middle of the circle. Daisuke smiled at Mike before looking back at the other Rangers, "Few even know of its existence. One of the servants came into the room, carrying a tray of cups and a teapot. He set it down on the table near Daisuke and poured the tea into the pots for the Rangers and the Guardian. He bowed to the team of Samurai when he was finished and hurried off.

Daisuke looked to Antonio once the servant was gone, "I hope you will be able to program it," he said, "With each passing day the Nighlok presence grows stronger. Behind, him, everyone failed to notice a portal had opened up just over where the teas had been placed. There was a faint glow surrounding the cups that disappeared as Daisuke turned around to grab the tray of drinks for the Rangers. Even if I do get it programmed, it might take a while. He placed the tray down before the Rangers, letting them each grab their own cup.

The Rangers smirked, holding their glasses in the air before bringing them to their mouths to drink. Jayden was the first to take a sip and regretted it the moment he did. The tea burned his mouth, but not in the expected way.

It wasn't too hot — it had been tampered with. He spit the drink out quickly and the others pulled their glasses away from their mouths before they too could take a sip.

Jayden growled in agony and grabbed his throat. Whatever he had swallowed burned as it made its way down into his stomach.

He fell backwards onto the ground and rolled in pain. Suddenly, the servant who had served the tea rushed back into the room with a panicked look on his face. Jayden shook his head, "Don't worry about me," he told his team. Go hurry! He traced his power symbol in the air and ran through it, transforming instantly into the blue Ranger. The others followed his lead.

They found the Spider-Nighlok in the garden, terrorizing the other servants.He pilots the Lion FoldingZord and controls the element of fire. Jayden's Father passes the torch to him until his Sister is ready. When Jayden was a kid, he was trained as a Samurai and followed his dad's advice.

At some point during his childhood, both Lauren and Jayden had to be separated just so Lauren can master the Sealing Symbol while Jayden fills in as leader of the Samurai Rangers, before the battle to defeat Master Xandred.

Jayden's father hoped that even an imperfect seal would buy Lauren time to master the sealing symbol while Jayden fills in as the Samurai Rangers latest leader until Lauren returns. During his childhood He was also friends with Antoniohe would go and visit Jayden at the Shiba House to play with him.

One day before Antonio could leave he promised Jayden that he would train to become a Samurai Ranger too, Jayden then gives him the Octozord without Ji's knowledge.

Jayden is first seen battling the Nighloks on his own, then later gathering the rest of the Samurai Rangers. They save the world by defeating Tooya. Jayden prefers to stay at the Shiba House to train.

As such he even missed one of the Rangers' day-offs, wanting to master the Beetle Disc, while the other Rangers go to an amusement park.

Soon after, he hesitates to use it against Dreadheaddoubting that he has the power to do so. He later uses the Beetle to wield the Fire Smasher's cannon mode, having trained himself to exhaustion the night before, trying to master the disc.

Day Off While he leads his team, Jayden is keeping a secret from the other Rangers, something that Negatron picks up on and hints at.

A Fish Out of Water. Jayden gives Kevin a solo mission to go find SwordfishZord before it disappears. Then, he and the remaining Rangers try to fight Yamirorbut they are defeated by the Nighlock's bad breath. Jayden tries to fight anyway and is nearly defeated until Kevin uses the Swordfish Disc to heal the Rangers and negate the Nighlok's stink power. Jayden and Mia try to find the captured brides by partaking in a mock wedding.

Mia and Jayden pretend to be the marrying couple twice in order to find Dayu. There Go the Brides. When Madimot invades the human world, he reveals that he took control of the TigerZord in the last battle with the team led by Jayden's father. He soon tries to take control of Mike, but Kevin's mind is taken over instead when he pushes Mike out of the way and is forced to fight the other Rangers.

Jayden uses the resist symbol to prevent Madimot from taking over him, too. After Madimot escapes, he soon reappears with Kevin and threatens to make Kevin strike himself down if Jayden doesn't fight him. Jayden uses the resist symbol power to free Kevin from Madimot's mind control.

He then uses the same symbol on the TigerZord, returning the Zord to the Rangers and giving Jayden a new Zord in his arsenal.So basically, in the Japanese version of power rangers, there is a movie called Goseiger Megaforce VS Shinkenger Samurai where the two teams meet and fight together due to sudden unexplained Nighlok activity.

The true villain is discovered, and a terrifying plot unfolds. So what I am doing here is giving you an early version since I don't want to wait for the actual movie to come out, and they'll probably do it better anyway. Thus, I will mostly follow the exact plot of the Japanese movie, but change it slightly to make sense with the American version. Also, this is more futuristic than the current Megaforce series at my time of writing this, and any characters that don't exist yet will be described and have their Japanese names.

The red Megaforce ranger jumped though a wave and fired his blaster at the Loogies rushing towards him. A few fell to the ground in defeat, but the rest continued their attack, and Troy rushed to meet them. He drew his Dragon Sword and sliced the bright green monsters before delivering a kick. Hitting two more, he turned and braced himself as the pink ranger vaulted off of his soldier into battle, using her Phoenix Shot to take down most of the Loogies.

The black and yellow rangers erupted from the sand in a surprise attack and used their Snake Axe and Tiger Claw to attack as well. The two rangers knocked Loogies into the ocean where a flash of blue came and destroyed them in seconds.

The blue ranger flew out of the water and aimed his Shark Bowgun at the enemies below, taking out a group of them. The five rangers joined together and put their weapons together for the Megaforce Blaster to finish off the Loogies. Suddenly, though the Megaforce rangers couldn't see it, a crack to the Sanzu River opened nearby and a familiar figure peered out. The white octopus like monster watched the newer rangers. The deceased Xandred's right hand Nighlok was sitting on the river side as he watched the Megaforce rangers with interest.

Moogers were appearing! And a shadowy figure seemingly identical to Master Xandred erupted out of the water. Octoroo turned to him, stunned. Megaforce red turned back to her and gave a small smile. He started to leave and jerked back in surprise as Gia got in front of him. Troy sighed and nodded. He risked a look at Noah in case he wanted anything, but the blue ranger was absorbed in his smoothie.

Troy felt a flash of relief before he dashed out the door. Out in the city, Troy was walking back towards Ernie's with a large shopping bag. Suddenly, he stopped as the hairs rose on the back of his neck.

To his right, glowing red cracks opened up and monsters he'd never seen before jumped out of them.

Power Rangers Samurai - Test of the Leader - Jayden Leaves The Shiba House (Episode 9)

They almost resembled fish with their eyeless red faces and yellow clothes. They also held spiked swords. The red ranger began to run towards the scene, pulling one of the creatures off of a civilian while shouting, "Stop! He grabbed one that was swinging its sword at him and stole the weapon, using on its own wielder and others.

One of them caught Troy by surprise and knocked him down, sword clattering out of his hand. Deciding he'd had enough, Troy rolled onto his knee, revealing his Gosei morpher.

He transformed into Megaforce Red and attacked with his Dragon Sword. He quickly destroyed the small group of them following him and they exploded. As soon as they were gone, many more came out of some nearby cracks.Borum: Well well well if it isn't the rest of the samurai power ranger. Soon you will all be destroyed.

power rangers samurai jayden gets poisoned

Borum: Forever is a long time rangers. But I have no busy with you. My busy is with the red ranger.

power rangers samurai jayden gets poisoned

Everyone but Jayden and Antonio who is still not there yet start to fight the moogers and Jayden fights Borum. In his hand a ball forms. When it forms he throw it and it turn into a ray.

Jayden try's to deflect it but it breaks his sword into two. When it hits Jayden, he demorphed and the attack outline him and toke all of his symbol power before returning to Borum. After taking all of his symbol power it left a very painful poison knocking him to the ground.

Kevin: I don't know let's call Mentor. He call Mentor Mentor Jayden got poisoned again.

Power Rangers Samurai

What do we do. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Power Rangers. In this powerful thriller Jayden gets poisoned yet again what do you expect this is samurai for crying out loud will jayden die finally or will we all get disappointed at his survial? All the ranger minus Antonio and Lauren were outside training when the gap sensor went off. Mentor: In the woods just outside the city.

Jayden:Let's go. Mike: Wait where's Antonio. Mia: Yeah and what about Lauren. Mentor: I'll call them in. They will meet you guys there. Kevin:OK but we have to go. The rangers run out to the woods and see Lauren fighting Borum not morphed. Lauren: nice of you guys to show up. Mike: In your dreams.

Lauren: Who me.

The Tengen Gate

Borum: No the one that trick Master Xandred. Jayden: Why do all the niglok go after me. Mia: There too many of them. Kevin:Come on. We can take they. Borum: Look like your team needs you help.I walked along the rocky shore of the beach near my hometown.

I hadn't been here since My adopted parents went to fight Master Xandred when I was twelve. When they did, dad gave his folding zord to my little brother, his biological son Jayden. I knew about the Power Rangers and watched both proudly and admiringly as Jayden began training to become a Samurai. At least, I think he had said that.

power rangers samurai jayden gets poisoned

I had stopped listening after I heard red ranger and poison. Jayden was in trouble! Suddenly, I began to get a painful headache and as I suspected, I was soon in a spandex costume like the ones the Power Rangers wore. I ran in and fought with the It looked human. Before the nighlock ran away, it said something about an impending duel. He was cut off when I scooped him up.

Damn, he was light!

power rangers samurai jayden gets poisoned

Did he ever eat anything? I had to get him back to the old house where I guessed the other rangers were. They'd take care of him there.

I got halfway to the house before I collapsed and dropped him on the lawn. The poison wore off a while ago" he told the others. The annoying and painful headache was back and I knew I was going to be back in my civilian clothes soon. Jayden shrugged his shoulders. He began to walk closer and as soon as he got inches from me, I was back in my civilian clothes and I succumbed to the blackness. I stood there in shock as Jazzmine went limp. Jazzmine had been the one that fought Deker and I didn't know it.

I hadn't seen my older sister in ten years. I nodded and told them she was my sister. None of them knew I had a sister. Emily, could you get Mentor Ji for me? Mia, Mike, I need you two to open the doors for us" I said taking charge.

They all nodded and went to do what I asked them to. Jazzmine had taken a good beating while dealing one of her own during the fight.This is the beginning of the five-episode Black Box arc.

Deker is seen wandering around a shore when he sees the glowing red coming from the natural walls. He then explains how with Master Xandred is trying to take all of the newfound surging power, the Moogers will go wild without any leader, and he is somewhat happy because he will not be interrupted fighting the Red Ranger. Meanwhile as he is walking, several Giant Moogers arrive. In the city, more Giant Moogers arrive, with one of them destroying a nearby building causing panic in the crowd, the Rangers head to the place.

They count six Giant Moogers, and go on Megamode. Antonio gets Clawzord and Octozord to join in the fight. After fighting the regular ground Moogers, flying Moogers come in to join, and the Battlewing Megazord does quick work on them. Meanwhile, Octoroo is commenting on Xandred's power which have the waves and rocks a-rolling.

Dayu will then complain about how the waves are starting to make her feel sick, and then Octoroo will tell Dayu that they must protect Xandred from other power-greedy Nighlock. Arachintor then arrives and has a plan to force the Red Ranger to show them his sealing power. As the junior guardian serves them something to drink, Arachintor and his group of Moogers sneak onto the Tengen Gate. The junior gives them something to drink, and then Jayden drinks it, falling to the ground, and telling the others that the drink is poisoned.

Moogers attack the guardians, and Octoroo pops up. Daisuke tells the Nighlok that they were defeated here once, and will be defeated again. Octoroo then attempts to attack him, but the Junior Guardian jumps in Octoroo's way and is badly hurt. He then attempts to attack Daisuke, but the Jayden offers Octoroo to not hurt them and in return will show him the sealing symbol. In the courtyard, the other four Rangers are fighting off the Moogers. Meanwhile, Octoroo then intervenes and forces Jayden to show him the Sealing symbol.

Jayden refuses to, and Octoroo tells Jayden that he has the antidote to negate the poison and will only give it to him if Jayden shows the Sealing symbol.

Deker is curious, and instead of eating the fish as Antonio said, follows him. The four other Rangers are busy fighting Arachnitor when Antonio comes, who throws knives at Arachnitor. Kevin then tells him to go help Jayden, on which Arachnitor comments that "he comes to help you and you tell him to go away? They all are defeated easily, and he disappears. Meanwhile, Octoroo is busy forcing Jayden to show him the Sealing Symbol when Antonio turns into the Gold Ranger and fights Octoroo, who says that this is a "private" conversation.


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